RhinoSync is an end to end technology solutions provider.

RhinoSync takes a proactive approach to monitoring, maintaining, and managing your information technology environment. This approach is supported by industry leading support tools and trained support staff that enable us to apply the principals of remote management, centralized administration, system automation, and network monitoring. By leveraging these tools and training support staff, we can efficiently and effectively optimize your technology environment and networks producing increased network uptime, increased office productivity, and decreased support costs. Let us worry about your technology environment, and you can focus on business goals.



Solve Customer Data Protection Challenges

Enable backup of our customers’ data to multiple locations — to customer’s on-premise storage, to the RhinoSync Cloud, to your own private cloud, or any mix of destinations. Replicate data between locations to ensure optimal data availability and dependable data protection.

Expand Total Addressable Market

Protect your entire IT infrastructure with backup support for physical servers, virtual machines, cloud instances, PCs, Mac®computers, iPhone®/iPad®, Android® devices, and applications such as Microsoft Exchange®, SQL Server®, SharePoint®, and Office 365®mailboxes

Reduce Management Overhead

Accelerate management of data protection with an easy-to-use console that consolidates operations and administration into single, unified, multi-tenant solution that is available anywhere at any time.

Leverage Existing Investments

Leverage RhinoSync data centers, deploy the solution at your own data center, or mix-and-match to deliver a turnkey or in-house solution. From pure cloud to private cloud, the choice is yours.

Differentiate Your Backup Service

Transform backups with over a decade of innovations that protect our customers’ data better than anyone. Disk-imaging technology, bare-metal recovery, RhinoSync Instant Restore™, and many other technology firsts are available to our customers.

Customer Trust

Ensure the security and privacy of customer data with strong encryption in-transit and at-rest. Enable storing the data on customer premises, in our own private cloud, or in the certified RhionSync Cloud Data Centers using private encryption keys that only your customer knows.

Exceed Customer SLAs

Deliver a lightning fast backup service to our customers. Recover servers in 15 seconds or less with RhinoSync Instant Restore™. Roll back in no time with vmFlashback™. Back up and recover 2X faster than the closest competitor’s software.

Start Fast, Finish First

The RhinoSync Cloud is ready for business with zero up-front costs and a pay-per-use business model. No architecting, no installation, no requirements. Accelerate your business… sign up and drive away today.


Professional services

Professional services organizations are growing, and need to be sure technology is there to support operations. Because revenue depends on the hours billed, downtime is not an option. RhinoSync’s team with broad engineering expertise can, cloud, hybrid and on-premise options and national onsite IT support can help your organization meet the challenges of ever-changing technology landscape.


Today’s manufacturing industry faces many challenges that impact strategic initiatives: global competition, regional expansion, complex supply chains, and new business model to name a few. To excel in this environment, manufacturers must stay innovative to improve operations and capture opportunities. RhinoSync knows how to evaluate your operation needs and keep you stay competitive.

Growing Companies

As a startup, there are many important things to worry about, and IT should not be one of them. RhinoSync has worked with many growing companies to help alleviate some of the pressures and free up time. We help companies scale quickly, provide support and make sure the core focus stays on growth and product development.


The success of a technology company depends on its network’s stability and security at large. Whether you’re a startup company or a mature organization, your technology resources are mission-critical. Our approach to IT services focuses on delivering the highest levels of availability and security anytime, anywhere — from end-points such as laptops, desktops and smart-phones to servers, virtualization, cloud computing and IT optimization — we cover your entire network both on-premise and in the cloud.