RhinoSync Network Security Specialist & Cyber Security Consulting & Solutions

RhinoSync takes a proactive approach to monitoring and managing network security within your technology environment. This proactive approach includes IT security audits and assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in your IT network and remediate those vulnerabilities before they compromise your network or data. With network security specialist compromises increasing in complexity and in sheer volume, a sound mitigation strategy and IT services partner is now critical to your successful prevention of security breaches. Our Network Security specialist services identify, prevent, and mitigate IT network threats to the following technology environments:

Wide Area Network (WAN)
Local Area Network (LAN)
Software – Applications and Operating Systems
Hardware – Firewalls, Servers, and Workstations
Hardware – Wireless Access Points
Internal and External Users
Internal and External Communication Solutions
Trusted and Untrusted Sources
Authentication, Rights, and Permissions

RhinoSync Network Security Specialist Best Practices and Solutions:

  1. Centralized Anti-Virus and Malware Management
  2. Network Firewalls with Access Rules and Port Restrictions
  3. System Access Controls Including Smartcards and Biometrics
  4. User Rights and Permissions Consulting
  1. Intrusion Detection and Vulnerability Scanning
  2. Business Policy and Procedure Management
  3. Physical Security Specialist Considerations
  4. Data and Communication Encryption Solutions